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I specialize in home decor.  Any room in any house in any possible style.  I will do everything possible to make any space in your home look perfect.  I will take the image and dream in your head and make it reality.  I strive to make sure that all my clients are happy and comfortable in their home.

My Services Include:
Colour Consultations 
Colour is one of the most essential tools involved in the world of decorating, but it also is an inexpensive way to refresh any space.  Each and every person is affected by colour in more ways then one might think.  Our mood, comfort level, state of mind and even appetite are all affected by certain colours.  That is why it is necessary to apply the proper colour in each room of your home.  Decked Out Spaces offers colour consultations to help you choose the perfect colours for your home in order to create the atmosphere you desire.  
Art and Accessory Advise and Selection 
When selecting art and accessories for a room the major idea to consider is scale and proportion.  It is vital to make sure every piece suits within the space and has a purpose.  Decked Out Spaces will help you choose the finest art and accessories for your home, and help you re-arrange, manage and sort through your existing pieces.  
Furniture Suggestions and Selection 
Furniture can be difficult to place in any space and it is tough to know what size pieces you should be looking for.  Decked Out Spaces can help you select and purchase new furniture, ensuring it is the precise size and style for your space and help you utilize what you already own by re-arranging it in your home. 
Space Planning
The proper organization and space planning in a room is vital in designing a practical and comfortable space.  Decked Out Spaces will help you determine the best way to layout your new or old furniture, accessories, electronics, and anything else you wish in order to create a space that suits your lifestyle. 
Re –design 
Re-design is the design process in which employs the furniture and accessories you already own by refinishing and re-organizing them in your home to best suit your needs. 
Floor Plans and Elevations 
It may be hard for you to envision what a space will look like once it will be re-decorated.  Decked Out Spaces offers a service the provides you the opportunity to see the possibilities.  A floor plan allows you to see a room from a birds-eye view including the placement of furniture, lamps and built-ins.  Elevations give you a 2-D snapshot of the walls in a room consisting of doors, windows, art, shelving and window treatments. 
Perspective Room Renderings 
The service that provides you with a coloured two or three dimensional drawing of your finished room as if you where standing in it.  This will surely help you to envision your decorating choices and plans for the space. 
Presentation Design Boards 
Design boards bring everything pertaining to the design of your room onto one board.  It can include floor plans, elevations, drawings, pictures, electrical overlays, paint samples, material and textile samples. 
Window Treatments 
Natural light plays a significant role in the tone and mood of any room and can affect all of your various décor choices such as paint colours, wood finishes and art, etc.  It is important to find the appropriate balance of natural light and privacy within a space.  Decked Out Spaces can help you select the appropriate window treatment for each space of your home. 
Project Management 
Entering a large renovation project and not sure where to start?  Decked Out Spaces can take the stress out of all your renovation projects and organize, out source and monitor all trades involved from start to finish. 
Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation 
Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most important rooms in the house.  You should think about them as an investment when re-decorating or renovating them.  It is important to select the best finishes and use your space to its full potential not only to create the proper feel and functionality but also to ensure the best return on the value of your home. 

Surface and Materials Selection and Suggestions 
The surface and materials of your home are substantially the groundwork to a well designed look and helps implicate the style of your home.  It is important to specifically select each material for each surface so that each room can not only look its best but be as practical and durable as it is required to be.  Decked Out Spaces can take the guess work out of selecting flooring, counter tops  cabinetry, paint, textiles, wallpaper and tiles for any of the rooms in your home. 
Lighting Design 
How we feel and function in a space is purely affected by the amount of light there is in a room.  It is important to properly use light to allow the space to be used at its best.  Decked Out Spaces can help in choosing the perfect lamps for one area or design a full and detailed electrical overlay of a large renovation.   
Curb Appeal 
The exterior of a home is a vital but somewhat overlooked area.  Colour is the best way to bring out the features of your home and set a great first impression of your homes interior.  Decked Out Spaces can help you with structural ideas for the front of your home and choose colours for your doors, windows, shutters, roof, patio, and porch. 
Home Staging 
The first impression of your home is what will sell.  The process of staging accents the advantages of your home and allows it to look larger.  Decked Out Spaces will help you properly plan your homes space, place furniture and simplify its decor   We can also source, manage and place rental furniture.  A professionally staged home will appeal to more home buyers and achieve a faster and better result in the resale market.

Themed Nurseries and Children's Rooms
A decorated nursery is as important to a home coming new baby as a stylish stroller.  Welcome your child into a room specially decorated for them.  Be it a gender neutral, for a baby boy or girl or an original theme just for your precious toddler or child.  A uniquely styled bedroom or play room will make your child feel special and give them their own little sanctuary made just for them.  Decked Out Spaces will take your child's interests and desires to comprise a personalized room without commercialization.  This would be one of those area's in the house, that if made amazing, your children would never forget. 

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